A classic product turns 50

Geberit concealed cisterns: Know-How Installed

The concealed cistern is celebrating its 50th birthday. With 60 million units sold, it is the plumbers, specialist planners and wholesalers who have made this innovation – which Geberit launched 1964 – into a true success story. What may appear at first glance to be the inspired brainwave of someone simply tinkering with a design turned out to be a clear-sighted, strategic step on the way from the sanitary unit to the bathroom as we know it today.

Innovative market development

Why? It was the birth of the concealed cistern that also provided the initial spark for the development of prewall installation, which enabled a previously unimagined level of creative freedom in bathroom applications.

Know-How Installed through partnership

Together with the plumber's knowledge and experience, the concealed cistern translates Geberit's motto into genuine quality of life for the end user. Last but not least, suggestions from craftsmen have enabled the development of the concealed cistern to progress steadily over the past 50 years. Now, it is equipped for the bathrooms of the future thanks to its increased convenience and more individual, novel functions.

Innovation for the future

Despite our success, there is no room to rest on our laurels. Even in our anniversary year, we are developing more Novelties and innovations. So why not visit our partners' showrooms to find out more about Geberit and discover our latest products?

In October 2014, Geberit is setting off for India with a team comprising ten young people (eight of whom are Geberit apprentices) and two supervisors. The trip will see them travel via Delhi to Varanasi. From there, a bus will take them on to the KIRAN Village some 90 minutes away.

The KIRAN Village in Varanasi, a city with 1.2 million inhabitants located on the banks of the Ganga in Uttar Pradesh, was founded in 1990 by “Sangeeta” Judith Keller. The Swiss nun recognized the enormous need back then for rehabilitation facilities and a center for differently abled children and young people in this region.

School and training facilities for some 360 children

Today, some 300 children and young people from the surrounding areas attend the school, with a further 60 also living there. In addition to schooling, the KIRAN Village offers apprenticeship positions in the area of horticulture, carpentry and tailoring, as well as in the village’s own “Prosthetic & Orthopedic Workshop”, where orthoses, prostheses and other aids are manufactured for children affected by polio and other diseases.

Geberit team with eight apprentices to renovate WC facilities

The majority of the toilet facilities in the KIRAN Village are in very poor condition. The Geberit team with eight apprentices has set itself the goal of renovating as many of the WC facilities as they can during their two-week stay in October/November 2014. They will be supported by the employees from the KIRAN Village and a Geberit employee from India, who will also be responsible for the completion of the work and the subsequent maintenance.

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