Objective improvement

What do you want from your bathroom? You want to feel comfortable and enjoy the peace and quiet. Design plays a key role here, but what exactly is good design? An attractive look is very important, but this factor alone is not enough. What about the key features of good design that increase your comfort: functionality, easy care and durability? A design is only really good when it goes beyond the surface and meets all of your requirements. Ultimately, it should impress more than just your eyes.

There is more than meets the eye to Geberit products and solutions. That's why our motto is "Design beyond the surface".

Design beyond the surface

Simple cleaning

With its easy-to-clean hair trap and lack of corners where dirt can accumulate, the Geberit shower channel CleanLine will still be sparkling even after use. You'll appreciate its excellent design not only when showering, but when cleaning too.
Geberit shower channel CleanLine

Compact and flexible

Flexible designing - Not with Geberit remote flush actuators:
The Geberit remote flush actuators Type 70, 10 and 01 allows the flexibility of placement of the flush plate up to 2 metres away from the concealed cistern. This means, the flush plate is longer restricted in front of the concealed cistern.
Remote flush actuators