Functional reliability and hygiene for urinals

Geberit urinal flush controls

Touchless for good hygiene
Touchless urinal flush controls offer the user better hygiene in semi-public and public spaces and ensure that he always encounters a cleanly flushed, hygienic urinal. Depending on their use, Geberit urinal flush controls are equipped with a mains-operated or battery-operated control or with a pneumatic flush actuation.

Perfected operational safety
The valve technology of the urinal flush control is protected by an innovative two-stage filter system, which makes it functionally reliable even in continuous high-frequency operation. The reliable proximity detection ensures reliable detection of users regardless of clothing and lighting and lets you plan your bathroom flexibly to save space. Individually adjustable interval flushes and flush times protect the drinking water hygiene. Adjustable filling of the trap prevents unpleasant odours. The settings are made by the system operator using the Geberit Service Handy with simple menu navigation.

Vandal-resistant with trap sensor

Hidden urinal controls with a replaceable sensor in the urinal trap are highly vandal-resistant and provide more design flexibility with regard to the setup.

Ready for water-saving technology with 1-litre flush

Geberit urinal flush controls implement the Geberit 1-litre flush technology without any restrictions on flushing effect or hygiene. This results in water savings of around 60 percent compared to conventional 3-litre flush technology. Usually, the operating costs are even less than those of waterless urinals as a result of the regular cleaning and trap replacement waterless urinals require.

The Geberit electronic urinal flush controls and the Geberit urinal flush controls with pneumatic manual actuation received the WELL label of EUnited Valves.

WELL - Water Efficiency Label

Geberit electronic urinal flush controls

Awarded the highest efficiency rating – the WELL Label Class A

Geberit urinal flush controls with pneumatic manual actuation

Awarded the second-highest efficiency rating – the WELL Label Class B

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