Guaranteed water quality

Geberit hygiene pump

Sanitary flush from the front

Safely preventing drinking water stagnation
Even water can go off, because it contains very low concentrations of bacteria which can multiply under certain conditions. The situation becomes critical when water stagnates for long periods of time instead of being replaced regularly. In some cases, this can even lead to legionnaires' disease. There is a particular risk in semi-public areas which are not used regularly, such as hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, sports facilities, army barracks or holiday homes.

Geberit sanitary flush prevents germs from multiplying
The Geberit sanitary flush ensures reliable water replacement in drinking water installations. This means that excessive stagnation times or unfavourable temperatures can be avoided in the water supply lines. The sanitary flush can be controlled cable-free with a smartphone app: the Geberit SetApp. The flush performance can be individually set to up to 2 x 15 litres per minute. Temperature and volumetric flow rate sensors ensure that only the quantity of water actually required is used when flushing. This saves a great deal of water.
The sanitary flush can be connected to a building service management system via different interfaces (RS485 or digital I/O).