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Geberit South East Asia

The Close Coupled WC Suite

A dynamic statement in your bathroom

Transform your bathroom with a simple upgrade

Common household water closets can be large, bulky and difficult to clean due to hard-to-reach corners. Bathroom cleaning is made much easier with close coupled water closets which are elegant, streamlined units. Additionally, close coupled water closets are quick and efficient upgrades that can be easily retrofitted to replace older styles of WCs.

Why choose the Eternity CCWC?

The Eternity Close Coupled WC suite offers unique benefits:

Quick release seat cover

Cleaning the toilet seat and bowl can be unpleasant business. With the Eternity CCWC's quick release seat cover function, you can easily remove the seat cover for a much more efficient wash.

Saves Water

The specially designed ceramic structure perfectly matches Geberit's cistern fittings to achieve an efficient 4.5/3L dual flush.

Quality and modern design

The Geberit Eternity close coupled WC suite gives any bathroom a clean and dynamic touch with its clear lines and soft geometric forms.


The toilet bowl and cistern are combined into one fully shrouded design, therefore bathroom cleaning is simplified as bacteria cannot accumulate in corners.

Part of the Geberit Eternity Series

Engineered by German designers, the Geberit Eternity series is detail-oriented and built to perfection. Discover more user-centred and sleek bathroom ceramics designed for everyday functionality.

Geberit Eternity Series

A Better Bathroom Awaits

Take bathroom design and hygiene to the next level.

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