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Geberit South East Asia

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Simple appearance, flexibility in bathroom design

Linear design, clear lines and yet so flexible

The bathroom reflects your personality.

The Geberit iCon bathroom series is as multifaceted as people’s individual tastes. With an extensive range of ceramic products and bathroom furniture in a clear and modern design language, the Geberit iCon series shines with its impressive versatility and flexibility.

Explore the iCon series

Discover bathroom ceramics and furniture in this series

Flexible Furniture

Flexible Furniture

Geberit iCon bathroom furniture offer various combination possibilities.

Mirrors with Functional Lighting

Mirrors with Functional Lighting

Geberit iCon mirrors match the clear lines of the whole series.

Washbasins with Clear Lines

Washbasins with Clear Lines

The aesthetics of the Geberit iCon washbasins are defined by clear, sleek lines along the outer contours of the ceramic.

Awarded Rimfree® WC

Awarded Rimfree® WC

The Geberit iCon Rimfree WC is awarded for innovation, high quality, design and functionality.

Bathroom furniture

The product diversity afforded by the Geberit iCon bathroom furniture series enables modern room planning and installation from symmetrical to asymmetrical combinations. The design spectrum ranges from timeless classics to extravagant innovation. The drawers for the Geberit iCon washbasin, as well as the tall and side cabinets are fitted with a SoftClosing mechanism.


The iCon washbasins are defined by clear, sleek lines along the outer contours. The capacious inner washbasin bowl design adds depth and prominence for daily usage whilst elegant bathroom items are afforded generous space in the recesses of the asymmetrical design.

The washbasins are available in many formats and sizes, including double washbasins for wall-mounted taps.

WCs and Bidets

The WCs and bidets follow the understated simple inner contour and continue the straight-edged design with a closed outerform with hidden fastenings.

The Geberit iCon square WC and bidet offer an attractive angular design option.

Rimfree solutions

All WCs in the Acanto series are rimfree, which not only looks great but is easier to clean and more hygienic.

Guest Bathrooms

The washbasins are specially designed for small bathrooms and offer a host of solutions for when space is at a premium.

Shelves and tap holes positioned to the side enable low installation depths, whilst the corner handrinse basin design facilitates installation in confined spaces. The ceramic range is complemented by a short projection WC.

A Better Bathroom Awaits

For people who are just as multifaceted.

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