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Geberit South East Asia

More Hygiene

Clean bathrooms are safe bathrooms

A bathroom with the Geberit pneumatic foot flush

With bathrooms being such damp, high traffic zones, unsanitary bathrooms can be one of the biggest threats to public health. Yet, public bathrooms are often neglected: design, hygiene and maintenance-wise.

Geberit products combine experience with state-of-the-art innovations to provide precisely the solutions in demand in bathrooms. Be assured you will always be on the safe side as Geberit products assure the highest degree of reliability for high-traffic sanitary facilities.

Discover Geberit's touchless solutions for your next bathroom project.

  • Sigma10 actuator plate
  • Sigma80 Actuator Plate
  • Sigma10 actuator plate with mechanical flush actuation

No-touch flush - Aesthetically hygienic

If you’re looking for hygiene and freshness without compromise, we offer flush actuations that fulfil your need.

Flush the toilet without pressing a button and therefore always remain hygienic.

Public Needs

Discover more hygienic flush actuators for public bathrooms

Geberit Pneumatic Foot Actuator

A smart upgrade

Minimise the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses with hands-free flushing. The foot actuator can be installed anywhere within 3 meters of the WC. Suitable for solid and drywall construction for both existing or newly built toilets, the foot flush can be retrofitted easily and quickly. The pneumatic flush device uses air pressure, so no electricity or AC supplies are needed, therefore simplifying installation further! Pneumatic flush actuation has fewer maintenance issues compared to sensor flush plates and buttons, so it is a more durable hands-free solution.

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Sigma10 Touchless Actuator Plates

Electronic Hygiene

Want to go the extra mile for hygiene and better aesthetics? Geberit actuator plates enhance the bathroom through convenient, state-of-the-art sanitary features. The award-winning Sigma80 actuator plate (left) has multiple elegant colour schemes infuse the room with atmosphere. On the other hand, Sigma10 actuator plate (right) will impress with its futuristic design and also comes with a mechanical flush option.

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