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Geberit South East Asia

WCs and Washbasins

Bathroom cleaning has never been this simple.

Geberit Rimfree solutions

Is the bathroom truly clean?

Whether it is in the home, office, shopping mall, school or any commercial building, bathrooms are arguably the most visited rooms in that place. Being such damp, high traffic zones, unsanitary bathrooms can be one of the biggest threats to public health.

Commercial buildings can increase the number of cleaning staff or shift frequencies, and you could even commit to cleaning your own bathroom at home more frequently. However, no matter how rigorous the cleaning, somehow there is always that stubborn lingering odour.

A clean bathroom is a safe bathroom.

There may be areas in the toilet that many would not think to clean or is near impossible to reach even with the harshest bathroom cleaners, therefore allowing bacteria to grow.

Dirt-Repellent WCs and Washbasins

Geberit KeraTect® special glaze

  • KeraTect Structure

Remarkably smooth

Ceramic surfaces in the bathroom are tricky – they often develop stains but must be treated delicately to prevent scratches. This is because when examined closely, standard ceramic glazes on bathroom ceramics have jagged surfaces that trap dirt and bacteria.

Ceramics baked with the Geberit KeraTect® special glaze are noticeably smoother than standard glaze surfaces. The KeraTect® surface is non-porous, which prevents dirt and stains from sticking to the ceramic surface. Moreover, the special glaze enhances the durability of the bathroom ceramics and render them scratch-proof, so ceramics retain their glossy, pristine state for a long time.

KeraTect® surfaces clean with just one swipe as dirt and bacteria glide off the KeraTect® surface easily.

An unusually clean flush

Geberit Rimfree Technology

  • Common WC pans with a flush rim

The common WC problem

In conventional WC pans, the water flows down from a flush rim and into the bowl. This flush rim promotes deposits for bacteria, lime scale and urine scale, and is very difficult to clean. Over time, black or brown discolouration form in the toilet rim that is unsightly and unsanitary.

The Rimfree solution

Modern bathrooms are neat and orderly, and it is no surprise that this trend also applies to the WC.

With the Geberit Rimfree technology, there is no rim.

The toilet bowl has an entirely smooth inner surface that can be cleaned with just one swipe without harsh toilet bowl cleaners. Instead of a rim, the WC pans have a specially developed flush guide where the water flows from a centralised point and around the pan.

Innovative flush technology

A completely new and patented flush technology, the Rimfree technology ensures the flow of water is controlled just before it reaches the ceramic pan.

A flush guide sends the water stream along both sides to the exact area where it is needed for a clean and thorough flush - and only there.

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