Innovative and reliable

Geberit products

Geberit's product range is designed for both new buildings as well as for renovation and modernisation projects. It incorporates several product lines within the field of sanitary systems. When installed with Geberit’s piping systems, there is little or no restriction to your design of the bathroom. You decide where you want to place the WC.

After installation, your new bathroom would seem more spacious than a conventional bathroom as the products would be concealed behind the wall. Geberit ensures the products are of premium quality, thus they are reliable and durable.

Geberit sanitary products are thoroughly compelling in terms of comfort and design, such as the Geberit Monolith, the Geberit AquaClean shower toilet, Geberit actuator plates and Geberit shower elements.

Apart from sanitary products, Geberit also offers a range of supply, waste and drainage systems that provides solutions that not only allow further design flexibility, but also ensures hygienic supply, efficient drainage and easy assembling.