Design meets function

Geberit actuator plates and Geberit flushing systems

Perfect combination of function and form
Actuator plates are the only thing you get to see of a concealed sanitary installation and the cistern itself in your bathroom. For this reason, it is very important to Geberit that you be able to choose from a variety of design lines, materials, colours and surface finishes to select exactly the right actuator plate that meets your requirements and expectations and matches the style of your wellness bathroom. Matching urinal flush controls and covers are available for every design line.

Luxury materials for demanding requirements
Geberit actuator plates are made of durable, lightfast, easy-to-clean materials with plastic or glass surfaces, and are manufactured of die-cast zinc or stainless steel to meet particularly demanding requirements of durability and security. Depending on requirements, you can use manual, electronic or pneumatic flush actuation.

Geberit Sigma01 actuator plate

The interplay of dancing drops of water defines the organic design of this actuator plate series.

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NEW - Geberit Sigma20 actuator plate

Focusing on the consumer's preference, the new Sigma20 has been revamped to have larger flush buttons. The flush buttons are also slightly curved for easier and more comfortable activation.

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NEW - Geberit Sigma30 actuator plate

Simplicty with a touch of elegance is the look of the new Sigma30. Designed in the London office of Christoph Behling, this acutator plate replaces the Bolero.

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Geberit Sigma50 actuator plate, redesigned

Clean lines, sophisticated subtleness and the elegant curved buttons characterises the Geberit Sigma50 actuator plate.

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NEW - Geberit Sigma60 actuator plate, surface-even

The only design in the entire range of Geberit actuator plate that offers surface-even finish, the Geberit Sigma60 has been revamped to make installation even simpler.

It is now also available as glass finish.

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Geberit Sigma70 actuator plate

Only a few millimetres separate the Geberit flush plate Sigma70 from the wall and it gives off an illusion that the plate is floating in front of the wall.

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Geberit Sigma80 actuator plate, touchless

The Geberit Sigma80 actuator plate appears futuristic. The touchless actuator plate acknowledges actuation with a discreet light signal.

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Geberit Kappa20 Actuator Plate

The design language of the Geberit Kappa20 actuator plate captures the dynamics of flowing water and translates them into the elegant rounded lines used on the actuator buttons for the large and the small flush volumes.

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Geberit Kappa21 actuator plate

Downscaled version of the Geberit Sigma20 actuator plate for the Geberit Kappa concealed cistern 15 cm (UP200).

Geberit Kappa50 actuator plate

The Geberit Kappa50 actuator plate is defined by classy-clean, geometric lines.

WC control pneumatic (new)

Newly improved design comes with a smooth surface made of die-cast zinc or plastic, in various finishing.

Hytouch pneumatic dual-flush actuator (button)

The HyTouch pneumatic remote dual-flush flushing actuator may be installed on the adjacent or rear wall of the WC.

Hytouch cable dual-flush actuator

The HyTouch pneumatic remote dual-flush flushing actuator may be installed on the adjacent or rear wall of the WC.

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