Bathroom renovations: how to go about it!

Man hanging up a Geberit Option mirror during a bathroom renovation

Every day, we spend an average of up to one hour in the bathroom. Sanitary products are often subjected to decades of wear and tear, and bathroom furniture is exposed to high levels of moisture. That's why it's worth investing in good equipment to create a space that you can enjoy and feel comfortable in.

Here, we explain how long it takes to renovate a bathroom and what costs you should expect. In addition, we will guide you through the renovation process step by step, offering useful expert tips along the way.

How long does a bathroom renovation take?

Are you considering renovating your bathroom and want to know how long it will take? It depends on the project.

Cosmetic renovationRenovation with new tilingStructural renovation
In a cosmetic renovation, bathroom furniture, sanitary ceramic appliances and taps are replaced and the walls or ceiling are painted. But the tiles remain and no other structural work is carried out.In addition to new bathroom furniture and ceramic appliances, tiling, dismantling, plastering or painting work is carried out. The floor plan and structure of the bathroom, however, remain unchanged. This means that the WC and washbasin will remain in the same place, and the bathtub will not be replaced by a shower or vice versa.For a structural renovation of the bathroom, more work is done on the structure of the building. The wall is torn open, pipes are replaced throughout the room and appliances are moved. This may be the case, for example, if you want to move the toilet or the washbasin area somewhere else in the room or install a shower instead of a bathtub. In a structural renovation, additional trades such as electrics, heating and ventilation are also involved.
As a rule, the work for a cosmetic renovation takes 1-3 days.In this scenario, you can plan approximately 3-5 days for the conversion.For a structural renovation, expect 1-2 weeks of work.

How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom?

The costs depend on the scope of the bathroom renovation, the number of square metres and the products chosen. Prices can also vary regionally and depending on the provider. The guideline values in the table give you an idea.

These might be considerable amounts, but investing in a new bathroom is worthwhile, because it lasts on average 20 to 30 years.

A little tip: where to save costs

When renovating your bathroom, you can save money on the scope and with the choice of appliances. Replacing single pieces of bathroom furniture and ceramic appliances can make a bathroom look completely new without any major structural measures. Product selection is also a decisive cost factor: Many manufacturers also offer high-quality products in the lower price segment.

From old to new: this is what modern bathrooms look like

Are you having trouble imagining your bathroom in a new light? Be inspired by these before-and-after bathroom renovation comparisons from different countries.

The challenges ranged from very little space to a lack of daylight and roof pitch. All the projects have one thing in common: the renovations have allowed the families to enjoy their beautiful new oases of well-being in timeless designs.

How do you go about a bathroom renovation?

The decision to renovate the bathroom has been made. But where do you start? We will guide you through the stages of a renovation project and offer helpful tips along the way.

How can Geberit help with bathroom renovations?

Man with tablet selects products in a configurator

Regardless of whether you are looking for ideas to get started, are already further along in planning or already have specific products in mind, our tools will help you find the right solution.

  • The inspiration tool from Geberit shows inspiring designs and innovative functions for a modern bathroom. If you wish, we can recommend products that meet your needs.
  • With a virtual tour, you can now embark on a voyage of discovery in preparation for a meeting with your plumber or a showroom visit. Take a tour here.
  • In the 3D bathroom planner from Geberit, you can recreate your existing bathroom in a 3D view and plan it with the products you want.
  • With the Washplace Configurator, you can plan your washplace including washbasin area, bathroom furniture and mirror or mirror cabinet in just five steps using 3D graphics.
  • Professional bathroom planning: our bathroom professionals will be happy to offer you a tailored consultation and visualise your dream bathroom with a virtual 3D floor plan. Our service is free of charge.

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