Matching actuator platesDesign variety and clever functions

Choosing the right actuator plate for the toilet adds the final touch to your bathroom. Geberit actuator plates combine modern, spectacular designs with innovative functions, such as the DuoFresh odour extraction unit.

The Geberit Sigma50 features a curved design that gives the actuator plate an elegant appearance thanks to its slim buttons. As actuator plates should blend in as seamlessly as possible with the bathroom design, a range of materials, colours and designs are available at Geberit.

Which design matches your style?

Actuator plates

Make it your own

It's not just any bathroom, it's your bathroom. Find just the right toilet flush to give your bathroom the crowning touch and pamper you with comfort functions. Because Geberit combines elegant design with delightful functions.

Matching materials is not only a fashion trend, it is also all the rage in bathrooms. From the tiles, sanitary ceramic and washbasin taps to the actuator plate, everything can be coordinated in terms of design and materials. There are almost no limits when it comes to customising toilet flushes – you can even use photos, patterns, sayings and artwork motifs.

The agony of choice

Whether rectangular or round, touchless or at the touch of a button, matt or glossy, large or small, eye-catching or discreet – immerse yourself in our virtual showroom.

We will be delighted to assist you in customising your actuator plate. Just get in touch!
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