Save water easilyWith dual flush

Water is precious. With an ever-growing population, increased urbanization and global warming, saving this limited resource is crucial for the environment.

How can you save the Earth and, as a side benefit, reduce your water bills? The answer is actually quite simple.

How do you use water at home?

Breakdown of water usage at home

First, it is important to know the breakdown. Do you know how exactly your water bill is being spent around the home?

Seeing how showering takes the largest slice of the pie, you could commit to taking shorter or fewer showers. Though if you are constantly working up a sweat, this thought sends an uncomfortable chill down your spine. Water expenses for laundry, kitchen activities and bathroom taps are similarly, difficult and impractical to reduce without sacrificing hygiene.

Reduce water usage by 10% while remaining clean

Type 720 technical cistern open with valves

Surprisingly, simply flushing the toilet already takes up a whopping 18% of the total water bill. It is easy to run up the water bill with weak, inefficient flushes that require multiple presses, but with an efficient flush, this percentage can be significantly reduced.

A water-efficient water closet with a dual flush can save up to 5 litres of water and at the same time offer a powerful flush. In other words, a simple replacement of your fill and flush valves could save you up to 10% of monthly water bills!

Exceptionally hassle-free

What more, there is no need for a costly replacement of the entire cistern. The Geberit Fill and Flush valves are simple to install and can fit into almost all exposed cisterns in the market. In fact, you can easily do it yourself. Learn to replace your fill and flush valves from this 2-minute instructional video: