Six tips on saving water

The careful use of water as a resource makes sense. First of all, you reduce the amount of money you spend on water. Secondly, saving water helps protect the environment. After all, the treatment of drinking water, and the transport and disposal of waste water require a lot of energy.

And at least half of the water used every day in households in the western world is consumed in the bathroom. That’s why it’s worth leveraging the savings potential in the bathroom.

These six tips will help you to considerably reduce how much water you use in the bathroom and thus to save both money and energy.

A woman turns on the tap and feels the power and temperature of the water

Tip 1 – Shower instead of a bath

When full, you need around 150 litres of water to fill a bathtub, in comparison to just 50 litres for a five-minute shower. The difference in water consumption is striking – particularly if you combine it with Tip 2.

Tip 2 – Water-saving shower head

A water-saving shower head can reduce the rate of flow of water in the shower by almost half. Incidentally, the rate of flow of water can also be reduced using special tap enhancement solutions. Now that's effective water saving!

Tip 3 – Dual flush

Geberit has launched both the flush stop and the dual flush. It is not necessary to flush the maximum amount of water into the toilet pan. But there’s no need to worry for those who are not yet equipped: a flush stop can be retrofitted quickly and easily.

Tip 4 - Turning the tap off

It takes time to clean your teeth, wash your hands or shave. You do need water at the beginning and then at the end again, but there is no sense in letting the water run in between. So, turn the tap off temporarily and save a considerable amount of water in the process.

Tip 5 - Reducing the amount of hot water

Hot water is the most problematic water in any household. Because heating it in your own boiler means additional energy. Furthermore, it always takes a while for the hot water to make its way from the boiler to the tap. In the meantime, unused cold water splashes out of the tap. Washing your hands quickly with hot water results in disproportionately high water consumption. A rethink could well pay off.

Tip 6 - Mending a dripping tap

A constantly dripping tap doesn’t just get on your nerves, it also puts a strain on your water bill – and thus the environment. So this is something you should see to as soon as you can. A dirty or worn seal is usually the reason for a dripping tap. It doesn’t take much to clean or replace one of those. And that pays off two to three times over.

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