Maintaining your bathroomService for showers, traps and cisterns

If you don’t give your car a regular service, it will end up falling apart because of rust. A thorough service in the bathroom also helps to ensure long-lasting pleasure. It starts off with cleaning the surfaces of the ceramic appliances and taps, then maintaining the shower drain or shower channel, all the way through to cleaning the installed cistern.

The Shower

The Shower

Geberit CleanLine facilitates service in the shower (© Geberit)

It’s important to clean your bathroom regularly. This is also true of the shower tray: regular cleaning of the surface ensures the tray looks good without any unsightly deposits of limescale and the like. Other things take a little more time but should nevertheless be carried out on a regular basis. These include cleaning the shower drain or the shower channel. The hair trap is easy to remove and clean, but the drain and the channel also need a thorough clean every now and again. Soap and dirt residues can cause the drains to become blocked.

Which bathroom is the right one for you?

But, what exactly are your needs? Is space, cleanliness or the design important to you? Would you like user-friendly products or would you prefer that extra degree of comfort that the Geberit AquaClean shower toilet, for example, has to offer? Or would you prefer a universal design? No matter what your needs are, we simplify your daily routine with our clever bathroom solutions.

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Higher standard of cleanliness in the bathroom
More functional design in the bathroom
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