Design temple with star cuisineRestaurant Born, Singapore (SG)

The gourmet restaurant Born in the historic Jinrikisha railway station is a design showpiece. But that's not the only reason why Singaporean media are talking about “the“ restaurant opening of 2022. Born offers a feast for the eyes and the palate at the same time.

“Stunning! The best bite in Asia!“. And in “one of the very few historic corners“ in Singapore. Interior designer Alan Barr, founder of Greymatters, sounds effusive. He talks about the Born restaurant, whose interior design he created with his team.

The gourmet temple is located in the former Jinrikisha railway station, a building that is over 100 years old. And the owner is none other than film star Jackie Chan. He owns various properties throughout Southeast Asia. Now also the Born restaurant. It opened its doors in June 2022 and occupies the ground floor.

Quality first

Born Restaurant is located in Jinrikisha Station, one of the few historic buildings in Singapore. It is owned by actor Jackie Chan (© Owen Raggett)

Local star chef Zor Tan runs the restaurant. Actually, he wanted to open something smaller, more intimate. But a restaurant in such a location - you almost can't say no. And so Zor Tan took over the property and opened the Born restaurant.

“Quality counted here, not quantity,“ says Alan Barr.

The layout of the building made planning and renovation complex. There are hardly any right angles. “In principle, the floor plan is triangular,“ says Alan Barr. “And we had to design a sensible division of space within it.“

A cloud of paper

The demands were high. There had to be space for a bar, a private lounge, an open lounge, a main dining room, counter seats and a show kitchen, plus of course the kitchen, an office and the sanitary facilities. The furnishings: noble, ornate, playful. One of many details is the sculpture designed by a Dutch paper artist that hovers like a cloud above the main dining room.

The high design standards extend into the toilet rooms, where Geberit products dominate in front of and behind the wall. Sigma Duofix installation elements pave the way for AquaClean Sela shower toilets in the toilets. Geberit urinals are also installed in the gents. These are complemented by the Sigma 10 actuator plates with infrared triggering in high-quality stainless steel coating.

A cloud of paper hovers over the main dining room of the new Singapore star restaurant Born (© Owen Raggett)
Born Restaurant is located in Jinrikisha Station, one of the few historic buildings in Singapore (© Owen Raggett)
The toilets are equipped with Geberit AquaClean Sela shower toilets and Geberit urinals, among other things (© Owen Raggett)