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Geberit South East Asia



Hygiene education through fun and games.

Hygiene, easy cleaning and safety play an important role when designing sanitary rooms in childcare centres, schools and other establishments. However, it is also important not to forget the fun factor which makes teaching children about cleanliness so much easier.

Child-friendly bathroom fittings support and simplify the development of hygienic practices in a playful way.

WCs and WC Seats

Ceramic appliances with child-friendly heights and seats for every age.


Child-friendly taps with touchless IR sensors or manual actuation.


Geberit Bambini washbasins at a child-friendly height and with child-oriented equipment.

Washspaces for Playful Learning

Cascading basins at various heights.

Children love to play with water! With special basins made of solid surface material, it is easy to encourage children to play with water in sanitary rooms. Cascading basins turn washing and brushing teeth into fun and games, and little ones of all ages are sure to find the right basin for their height.

Geberit washspaces can be adapted to various requirements and spatial circumstances. They come in a number of different sizes and formats, and individual special fabrications are also possible.

  • Safe and inviting design
  • Suitable for children of different ages
  • Can be adapted to the spatial circumstances
  • Stimulates learning through play: the top basin can be filled with water thanks to a removable damming plate
  • Maximum level of dammed water is 100 mm with the damming pipe – prevents flooding

Child-Friendly Washbasins

Child-oriented equipment.

Sanitary ceramics are at a child-friendly height and with child-oriented equipment to promote toilet training. The washbasins can be mounted at a flexible height between 450 and 600 mm depending on the age of the child.


Easy to use and hygienic.

The handle of the deck-mounted tap for child-friendly sanitary rooms is designed as a baseball cap with a peak, which is easy to use and makes washing hands even more fun.

Instead of a baseball cap with a peak, the electronically controlled tap in the same design features a fixed hat, making it more hygienic to use.

Child-Friendly WCs and Accessories

Toilet training made easy.

WC ceramic appliances with child-friendly heights and equipment help children to adapt to toilet training. The child-friendly WC ceramic appliance with feet is not just funny to look at, it also has a practical side: children whose feet do not yet touch the floor when they are sitting down can rest them on the appliance’s feet. Also, with various surfaces and WC lids, everyone will find the perfect seat for the bathroom.

  • Child-friendly WC solutions
  • WC seats for every age
  • Child-friendly designs