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Geberit South East Asia

For your well-being and more

The Complete Shower Toilet Solution

Wall-hung Geberit AquaClean Mera with a concealed cistern

The bathroom is where you go to freshen up to take on the day, and where you shed the tension built up all day for a restful night. It should be the most pampering, functional and safest place.

Today's modern bathroom does not just look good. It maximises bathroom hygiene and ensures you leave feeling fresh and clean all day. These are what Geberit AquaClean aims to achieve, but if you want to elevate your AquaClean experience further by creating more bathroom space and ensuring long-term durability, couple it with the Geberit Concealed Cistern!

The Complete Shower Toilet Solution

Discover how the star products combine to form the ideal toilet

Geberit Concealed Cistern

The Right Technology

Geberit pioneered the concealed cistern in 1964 and has over 50 years of experience in this field. Since then, Geberit concealed cisterns have been installed more than 60 million times across the globe. The cisterns are equipped for installations requiring electrical connections, so shower toilets can be installed quickly and easily.

Geberit AquaClean

The fresh feeling

Only water cleans you properly. Natural WC hygiene with warm water is more thorough, more gentle and more beneficial than with toilet paper. With the AquaClean shower toilets, at the touch of a button, feel refreshed after using the toilet as though you just had a shower. Thanks to the perfect interaction of design and technology, the shower toilets do no require more space than conventional toilets.

  • Geberit AquaClean Mera mounted on the Duofix element

A Smart Combination

With the Geberit Concealed Cistern, there is hardly a construction situation in which a Geberit AquaClean shower toilet cannot be installed.

In new constructions or with comprehensive renovation, the Geberit WC installation elements with concealed cistern provide a secure solution when installing the AquaClean. Connections for water and electricity are already pre-planned and make mounting the smart toilet very easy.

  • Rimfree interior of the shower toilet

Pure Hygiene

When it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, the concealed cistern and shower toilet combo leaves little room for compromise.

With the AquaClean, feel clean and fresh all day at the touch of a button. Moreover, the AquaClean is practically self-cleaning. Thanks to a perfect balance of design and technology, areas where dirt and grime can accumulate are sharply reduced. A special surface coating also prevents the build-up of bacteria and germs.

With cisterns hidden behind the wall, bathroom cleaning is simplified further. The wall-hung WC also makes cleaning simple as the bottom of the shower toilet can be cleaned.

  • Geberit AquaClean Mera
  • Geberit AquaClean Sela
  • Geberit AquaClean Tuma

First-Class Design

Perfect combinations of form and function, the Geberit AquaClean family has won numerous design awards and is the ideal addition to your sleek, modern bathroom.

Combine the AquaClean with a concealed cistern and your bathroom design is instantly elevated to the next level.

  • RedDot Design Award 2019
  • Design Plus Award
  • iF Product Design Award 2019

The combined benefits

Benefits Geberit AquaClean Geberit Concealed Cistern
Hygiene In-built bidet for all-day freshness. Simplified bathroom cleaning with fewer surfaces. Wall-hung solution makes it easy to clean under the shower toilet.
Design Features 3 different models with award-winning, eye-catching designs. Instantly modern, minimalist look when bulky cistern is hidden away.
Environmentally-Friendly Clean yet watersaving WhrilSpray shower technology. Exemplary water consumption and achieves excellent scores on the Water Efficiency Label.
Durability Automatic descaling to ensure long-term performance capability. 25-year guaranteed spare parts.
Space-Saving Does not require more space than conventional toilets. Hidden cistern frees space infront of wall.

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