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Geberit South East Asia

The Modern Wall-Hung Toilet

Geberit Concealed Solutions

A concealed cistern in the Geberit Smyle bathroom collection

Get the full solution for the modern wall-hung toilet.

In solid and drywall construction, the Geberit concealed cistern is the heart of more than 60 million concealed installations in the bathroom. Every detail of this product is ingenious and has been proven a million times over. Plumbers and endusers have trusted Geberit concealed solutions for more than 50 years.

The Complete WC Set

Discover how Geberit products combine to form the full solution

Geberit Actuator Plates

Eye-catchers of the bathroom

The Geberit actuator plates are the eye-catchers of the bathroom and the only visible part of the concealed cistern. It is a piece of design, a decoration item for your bathroom. At the same time it is functional and easy to clean. A concealed solution with a wall-hung WC offers a lot of design options for your bathroom.

Geberit Concealed Cistern

The Right Technology

Transform your bathroom into a modern and spacious area with just one simple change. Geberit pioneered the concealed cistern in 1964 and has over 50 years of experience in this field. Since then, Geberit concealed cisterns have been installed more than 60 million times across the globe.

WCs from Geberit Bathroom Collections

A design for every style

Geberit Bathroom Collections offer a range of WCs for your choosing, depending on your requirements and individual taste.

  • Geberit iCon wall-hung WC

Aesthetic yet practical

Easy Cleaning

Simplify bathroom cleaning as the area below the wall-hung toilet can be cleaned to prevent bacteria buildup. A cistern behind the wall also means fewer nooks and crannies for dirt to hide.

Creates Space

As soon as the sanitary technology hides behind the wall, a new feeling of space is created. A wall-hung water closet solution makes your bathroom look bigger.


The water consumption can be sustainably reduced with a Geberit dual flush actuation for the WC. The smaller button flushes with 3 litres, the bigger one with 6 litres and is easily reduced to 4.5 litres.

  • Geberit concealed cistern

Proven Swiss technology for decades

All products from Geberit are known for their reliability and durability. This not only ensures safe and trouble-free function, but also reduces maintenance costs.

Be assured of long-term durability as Geberit has over 50 years of experience with concealed cisterns and has more than 60 million installations worldwide. Moreover, enjoy a 10 year guarantee and 25 years of spare parts availability.

The Geberit wall-hung solutions can withstand up to 400kg as the weight of the WC is borne by the sturdy installation elements.

  • The innovative Geberit Rimfree flush technology
  • The KeraTect special glaze

Innovative Ceramic Solutions

A Hygiene Plus: Geberit Rimfree Solutions

Geberit Rimfree WCs make cleaning extremely easy. Standard WCs have flush rims, which are perfect for bacteria and urine scale deposits. Without that rim, stains are easily detected and removed. The WCs are equipped with a specially developed and patented flush guide which ensures a targeted and hygienic flush everytime.

Years of Protection: Geberit Keratect

WCs with the Geberit Keratect special glazing are ensured many years of protection. Keratect surfaces are virtually non-porous and extremely smooth, making it virtually dirt-repellent. Even with high-pressure cleaners and harsh cleaning materials, the surface structure will not be damaged.

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