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Geberit South East Asia

Geberit Silent-PP

Sound-optimised drainage system with plug connection

Sound-optimised waste water installation

The Geberit Silent-PP drainage plug-in system is ideal for the rapid, economical and sound-optimised installation of drainage systems.

Geberit Silent-PP applications

  • Building drainage
  • Conventional roof drainage system (with retaining claw)
  • Central vacuum cleaner

Many good reasons for Geberit Silent-PP

Benefits of the Geberit Silent-PP drainage system
High ring stiffness of Geberit Silent-PP pipes

High ring stiffness

Reliably leakproof

The high ring stiffness of the Geberit Silent-PP pipes and the fittings, which have been reinforced with ribs, enable easy and safe processing. The EPDM lip seals have enjoyed success for decades, guaranteeing reliable and permanent tightness of the entire system.

The stop ring of the Geberit Silent-PP fittings and pipes provides the right insertion depth

Measurement-free end stop

Checkable insertion depth

The correct insertion depth is predetermined by a stop ring. Cumbersome measuring and marking is therefore no longer required. The stop ring guarantees fast processing and ensures that the discharge pipe is permanently leakproof.

Geberit Silent-PP is protected against UV radiation

Protection against UV radiation

Short-term storage outdoors possible

A high proportion of soot particles in the pipes and fittings reliably prevents the material becoming brittle. The high UV resistance allows the system to be stored cheaply outdoors for short periods.

Simple alignment aid: the 30° marking of the Geberit Silent-PP fittings

Easy alignment

30° marking on every fitting

All fittings have several visible 30° markings. These enable rapid and easy alignment of the entire drainage system.

Temperature resistant: low linear expansion of the PP-MD

Low linear expansion

Installation without expansion sockets

The low linear expansion of the Geberit Silent-PP three-layer pipes allows the entire drainage system to be installed without expansion sockets, saves costs and shortens installation times.

The adapter socket is a fixed connecting piece between the Geberit Silent-PP and Geberit Silent-db20 drainage systems

Secure adapters

Fixed with stainless-steel retaining claws

Adapters with a stainless-steel retaining claw are available to securely connect Geberit Silent-PP floor connections with stacks from the highly sound-insulating drainage system Geberit Silent-db20. The unremovable adapter sockets connect the two Geberit systems safely and permanently.

Hydraulically optimised: the branch fitting swept entry of a Geberit Silent-PP fitting

Higher discharge capacity

Hydraulically optimised for greater economic efficiency

The hydraulically optimised geometry of the Geberit Silent-PP fittings enables dimensioning which is more economical. Smaller dimensions are less expensive and have greater load-bearing capacity. You can also plan for smaller duct sizes, thus benefiting from additional cost advantages.

Inner white layer of a Geberit Silent-PP discharge pipe

White inner pipe

Find blockages and pipe problems more quickly

The white inner pipe has considerable advantages, for example if the discharge pipe becomes clogged and needs investigation with a camera. Deposits are more easily visible than on a dark inner pipe and the problematic area can be located more quickly.

The construction of a Geberit Silent-PP three-layer pipe

Sound optimised

More power, less noise

Hydraulically optimised fittings ensure a higher discharge capacity and less noise in the discharge pipe. This means the Geberit Silent-PP drainage plug-in system is ideally suited for fast, sound-optimised floor connections but can also be used for the stack.

High cold impact strength of Geberit Silent-PP pipes

High cold impact strength

Safe processing, even at low temperatures

Because Geberit Silent-PP features robust materials which have cold impact strength, the discharge pipes and fittings can be safely processed, even at low temperatures, without any problems or risk of breakage.

Geberit Silent-PP assortment

  • Fittings for Geberit Silent-PP discharge pipes

Versatile drainage system for economical installations

  • Pipe dimensions from DN 32 to DN 160
  • Wide assortment of Geberit fittings and special fittings

  • Geberit fire protection sleeve for Silent-PP discharge pipes

Fire protection for Geberit Silent-PP

Fire tests were carried out in accordance with the standard EN 1366-3 for a large number of different installation situations. In combination with the Geberit fire protection sleeve RS90 Plus EN, the Geberit Silent-PP plug-in system is approved for a fire resistance of 90 minutes (ETA/ETB).

  • The Geberit retaining claw makes Silent-PP fit for roof drainage

2-bar plug-in solution

A lengthways non-positive plug connection is established with the Geberit retaining claw. Geberit Silent-PP can therefore withstand a maximum internal pressure of up to 2 bar for rainwater pipes.

  Geberit Silent-PP
Available dimensions d32; d40; d50; d75; d90; d110; d125; d160
Building drainage Yes
Conventional inner roof drainage system With Geberit retaining claw for heights up to 20 m
Material PP-MD
Coefficient of linear expansion 0.08 mm/(m K)
Absorption of linear expansion Takes place inside the ring seal socket and does not require any additional measures
Installation temperature -10 °C to 40 °C
Permanent load application temperature -10 °C to 90 °C
Chemical resistance Standard household chemicals

Design awards

  • iF Design Award 2009 for Silent-PP
  • Nominated for the German Design Award 2010