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Geberit South East Asia

More Hygiene

Products for safer, cleaner bathrooms

A clean bathroom is a safe bathroom.

Whether it is in the home, office, shopping mall, school or any commercial building, bathrooms are arguably the most visited rooms in that place. Being such damp, high traffic zones, unsanitary bathrooms can be one of the biggest threats to public health.

By combining expertise in the fields of sanitary technology, design and innovative functions, Geberit offers state-of-the-art products to maximise hygiene.

Touchless Actuator Plates

No-touch flush - Aesthetically hygienic.

If you’re looking for hygiene and freshness without compromise, we offer flush actuations that fulfil your need. Flush the toilet without pressing a button and therefore always remain hygienic.

Geberit touchless actuator plates

  • Geberit Pneumatic Foot Flush

Foot Flush Actuators

The smartest upgrade for public toilets.

Do you know where the dirtiest touch point in a public toilet is? Thankfully, a more sanitary public restroom does not need a major renovation.

Geberit Pneumatic Foot Flush

  • Geberit Rimfree WC

WCs and Washbasins from Geberit Bathroom Collections

Effortless cleaning.

Ceramic surfaces in the bathroom are tricky – they often develop stains but must be treated delicately to prevent scratches. Moreover, There may be areas in the toilet that many would not think to clean or is near impossible to reach even with the harshest bathroom cleaners, therefore allowing bacteria to grow. Geberit offers interesting solutions to these problems.

Geberit WCs and washbasins

  • Geberit Selva Urinal Ceramics

Urinal Systems

For everyone's needs.

In public and semi-public areas, safe and reliable operation of urinal systems is particularly important. Besides a high degree of functional reliability, Geberit Urinals offer flexible application possibiilities, minimal flush volumes, easy servicing and incredible hygiene with its clever features.

Geberit Urinal Systems

  • Geberit CleanLine80 linear shower channel in champagne

Sensor Tap Systems

The superior solution.

Elegant and touchless wall-mounted taps, clean washbasins, and enough space between them to wash your hands: this image is often precisely what sanitary engineers, architects and operators envisage when planning public or semi-public sanitary facilities projects. Despite these advantages, there has been practically no solution so far for planning them safely and installing them without errors. However, Geberit has developed an impressive solution.

Geberit Tap Systems