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Geberit South East Asia

Geberit BIM data

BIM objects for Autodesk® Revit®

Intelligent BIM data from Geberit products

  • Geberit BIM data for Autodesk® Revit®

To support the TGA planning process, Geberit offers manufacturer-specific BIM data in addition to conventional CAD data. The data consists of parametric 3D models that contain article-specific meta information. This combination enables comprehensive BIM planning with Geberit products in the Autodesk® Revit® planning software – from the virtual building model to the detailed material list.

BIM data from Geberit product families for Autodesk® Revit®:

  • Country-specific data packets for Australia
  • Parametric 3D models with intelligent routing presettings for piping systems
  • Libraries for each product family in RVT format
  • Available for Autodesk® Revit® 2015, 2016 and 2017

Data availability

After registering, Revit® data is available for the following product families free of charge:

Supply systems

  • Geberit Mepla
  • Geberit PushFit
  • Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel
  • Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel
  • Geberit Mapress Copper

Drainage systems

  • Geberit Silent-db20
  • Geberit Silent-PP
  • Geberit PE
  • Geberit Pluvia


BIM data from Geberit is regularly updated and enhanced with new product families. For information regarding updates, we require your contact details.

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