eVIEW: roof drainage On Top

The selection of Geberit references on the topic of “On top“ compiled below offers a bird's eye view in the truest sense of the word: it focuses on the roofs of interesting buildings around the globe. The variety of different roof constructions could hardly be greater. And yet all the objects presented have something in common: they require a reliable and efficient roof drainage system that allows the architecture maximum design freedom. The space-saving Pluvia negative pressure drainage system from Geberit offers an ideal solution for this.

eVIEW: Green buildings Sustainability in Action

Almost 40 per cent of global CO2 emissions are caused by building construction and maintenance. As a result, architects and building owners alike have to address the need for ecologically sustainable solutions. As a globally established provider of sanitary products and services, Geberit also wants to make a contribution towards a sustainable sanitary industry. You can find out more about buildings featuring Geberit products and the innovative solutions seen in green architecture in this first edition of “eVIEW” – Geberit’s newsletter on modern building.