Geberit washplace solutions The perfect washplace for every bathroom

A Geberit washplace is much more than its name suggests. It is an oasis of well-being for your very own home that has been optimised in terms of hygiene, comfort and storage space. Find out how the perfect concept can make your bathroom experience into a relaxing ritual.

Product features

Geberit iCon bathroom
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Geberit washbasins

Geberit washbasins not only come in impressive range of designs and variants, but also feature a whole host of smart functions. Practical shelf surfaces, for example, provide additional space in the bathroom. What’s more, all models are designed to be very easy to clean.

Whether it’s a family or single bathroom, guest bathroom or even your own private oasis of well-being, your bathroom should always suit your lifestyle. Washbasins from Geberit offer you a virtually endless choice of sizes, formats, design variants and functions.

Washbasin design: round or square

Whether it’s gentle curves or straight edges, geometric shapes are stylistic elements that serve to shape the character of a room. Geberit washbasins are available in various basic shapes. With clean lines and simple structures, they fit perfectly into any interior style.

Washbasin variants

Various washbasin types are available to choose from, including vanity basins, standard washbasins, and even lay-on washbasins in a wide variety of designs. Geberit offers the ideal products to suit every design requirement and the perfect solutions for any installation situation. What’s more, they even come in different versions to match the ceramics, whether that includes a washbasin cabinet, washtop or no bathroom furniture at all.

Handrinse basins

Geberit ONE lay-on washbasin
Geberit iCon handrinse basin
Geberit Xeno² bathroom handrinse basin

The range of handrinse basins also includes solutions for guest bathrooms and particularly small rooms with challenging floor plans. A whole host of different shapes and models are available, both with and without bathroom furniture.

Geberit mirrors and mirror cabinets

Geberit ONE mirror cabinet with ComfortLight

Bathroom lighting doesn’t just make sure the room is bright enough, it also helps to create the perfect atmosphere. Illuminated mirrors and mirror cabinets from Geberit not only ensure the washplace lighting is right where you need it, but also create a pleasant atmosphere within the room.
Geberit illuminated mirrors and mirror cabinets are available in different versions to suit a wide variety of design requirements.

Illuminated mirror

The Geberit Option bathroom series offers a comprehensive selection with soft and pleasant lighting for your daily bathroom routine. The range comprises three different models: the basic Option Basic line comprising all essential functions, the Option line with attractive additional features, and the premium Option Plus line for maximum convenience.

Mirror cabinets

Geberit mirror cabinets not only create an impressive talking point in the bathroom, but they are also real all-rounders. As well as providing optimal washplace lighting, they also offer additional storage space within easy reach. Depending on the model, they even include other practical functions such as power ports, a USB connection and a magnifying mirror inside the cabinet.

Geberit ONE mirror cabinet with ComfortLight
Geberit ONE mirror cabinet with ComfortLight and two doors
Geberit Option Plus mirror cabinet with three doors

Their universal design makes Geberit mirror cabinets the perfect complement to all ceramics and bathroom furniture.

Geberit bathroom furniture Lots of practical storage space

Save space on the one hand and enjoy maximum storage space on the other – all in a wide variety of room sizes and configurations. This is where the flexibility and modularity of Geberit bathroom furniture really comes into its own. The extensive range of different surface finishes expands the range of possibilities further still.

Countless combinations

It’s all about making the bathroom your own: create your dream set-up by combining base and side cabinets, tall and illuminated mirror cabinets, and side elements in a range of sizes until your space is just the way you want it.

Learn more about the Geberit bathroom series

Clever storage solutions

A tidy house makes for a tidy mind – and that includes the bathroom. This is why Geberit offers a whole host of logical, space­saving solutions for storing all those bits and pieces for the bathroom.

Colours, materials and surfaces Your style matters: Geberit bathroom furniture from trendy to classic

ColourBathroom series
 Geberit ONEGeberit CitterioGeberit Xeno²Geberit myDayGeberit AcantoGeberit VariFormGeberit iConGeberit Smyle
White high-gloss coated  
White matt coated      
Sand grey high-gloss coated     
Light grey high-gloss coated        
Greige matt coated      
Taupe high-gloss coated       
Platinum high-gloss coated       
Lava matt coated    
Light hickory décor        
Oak nature décor       
Oak décor     
Hickory décor    
Walnut décor       
Scultura grey décor       
White glass       
Sand grey glass       
Taupe glass       
Lava glass       
Black glass